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Welcome to AHF at AIDS 2020 Virtual. We have a long history of robust participation in International AIDS Conferences throughout the years. This website offers details about our interactive, engaging and informative activities at this year’s conference, including satellite panels, an exhibition booth, Global Village activities and more.

AHF IAC Satellite Sessions - July 6th to 8th

Monday July 6th:


COVID-19 has overshadowed global public health and shifted the world’s attention to a new crisis, while millions still continue to become infected with HIV and die of AIDS-related illnesses. Join our discussion featuring leading experts with vast experience in HIV/AIDS policy and advocacy who will identify the most critical gaps, along with the most effective, efficient and impactful ways forward in the global HIV/AIDS response.


9 AM - 10 AM

11 PM Replay

SF/Oakland Time

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Dr. Adele Schwartz Benzaken

Senior Global Medical Director, AIDS Healthcare Foundation. Former Director of the Department of STI, HIV/AIDS and Viral Hepatitis, Ministry of Health of Brazil

Featured speaker

Dr. Angeli Achrekar

Principal Deputy of OGAC, PEPFAR

Dr. Ricardo Baptista Leite, MP, MD

President, UNITE Parliamentarian Network, MP of Portugal

Dr. Lucica Ditiu

Executive Director, Stop TB Partnership

Laurie Garrett

Pulitzer Prize Winning Journalist

Allan Maleche

Executive Director, KELIN Former Chair Implementer Group, The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria

Dr. Jorge Saavedra

Executive Director, AHF Global Public Health Institute at the University Of Miami

Tuesday July 7th:


As effective global messaging goes viral and digital, HIV/AIDS marketing and programmatic outreach must adapt to fit these platforms. Join this interactive panel of specialists from AHF Marketing, Google, and other non-governmental and private sector organizations as they present innovative digital marketing that will help reinvigorate our global HIV/AIDS response.


9 AM - 10 AM

11 PM Replay

SF/Oakland Time

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Oluwakemi Gbadamosi, MA, BL, LLB

Africa Bureau Senior Manager PR and Communications, AIDS Healthcare Foundation

Featured speaker

John Nguyen

Associate Director, Global Web Development & Data Analytics, AIDS Healthcare Foundation

Carmella Vong

Account Strategist, Google

Zach Milewski

Account Strategist, Google

Valerie Hernández, MFA, MA

Digital Strategist & PM, Pairus Digital Agency

Steve Levin

Co-founder, Commando LLC

Raif Derrazi

HIV+ Bodybuilder & Influencer

Wednesday July 8th:


Transgender Challenges Around the World has assembled trans warriors that have kept the struggle for change alive. These advocates will get real about the struggles faced in accessing HIV care and services, exclusionary policies, the erasure of trans stories— and how they thrive no matter the surmounting odds. All of this moderated by the eccentric FLUX President, Queen Victoria Ortega!


9 AM - 10 AM

11 PM Replay

SF/Oakland Time

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Queen Victoria Ortega

President, FLUX

Featured speaker

Anjali Rimi Koka

Anjali Rimi, She/They, President, Parivar Bay Area.

Chela Demuir, M.A.C

Founder, UWC

Christiaan Kier, PhDC

Professor of Rehabilitation Therapy, Cal State LA

Laith Ashley

Actor, Model and Influencer

Maya Jafer

Actress and Activist

Time Zones

SF/Oakland Time -- 9:00 am

Mexico City, Mexico -- 11:00 am

New York, NY, USA -- 12:00 pm noon

Buenos Aires, Argentina -- 1:00 pm

Abuja, Nigeria -- 5:00 pm

Sao Paulo, Brazil -- 1:00 pm

Johannesburg, South Africa -- 6:00 pm

Moscow, Russia / Nairobi, Kenya -- 7:00 pm

Bangkok, Thailand -- 11:00 pm

Beijing, China -- 12:00 midnight

Sydney, Australia -- 2:00 am


Ahead of “AIDS 2020: Virtual” Conference, AHF Calls for Transparency and Accountability in Global Public Health

“We want to remind the world, AIDS is not over"

See Press Release


AHF Labels Gilead ‘War Profiteer’ and ‘Greedy Bastards!’ as Company Prices COVID Drug at $2K to $3K

"Drug pricing repercussions we still live, and die with today.”

A Call to Action on Global Public Health

Considering the many mistakes made in the global response to COVID-19, we are calling on the global public health community to push global health institutions and world leaders to initiate comprehensive structural reforms that promote preparedness, accountability and transparency in all aspects of global public health security.

Sign-on if you support our call to action and would like to be involved in future advocacy efforts!

We demand urgent and concrete actions to address the following global public health gaps:

Global Public Health

  • The world needs a comprehensive global framework for coordinating all aspects of a response to a global health emergency such as COVID-19, Ebola, Zika, SARS, Influenza and HIV.
  • Global public health emergency preparedness must be fully and sustainably funded through mandatory contributions by all UN Member States and stocks of critical supplies such as personal protective equipment (PPE) must be maintained around the world in sufficient quantities.
  • The World Health Organization must become nimble, responsive and independent of any political influences over its decision-making process. There is no room for politics when it comes to public health. To implement lasting reforms WHO needs new leadership.
  • Countries must pledge to respect transparency, accuracy and timely reporting of epidemiological data, as these are essential to an effective response during a global public health emergency. COVID-19 has shown that inaccurate or concealed data can have deadly consequences for the entire world.
  • Access to COVID-19 pharmaceutical products such as potential vaccines, treatments and diagnostics must be protected from patents, monopolies and excessive pricing.

Fighting HIV/AIDS

  • The global AIDS response still consistently falls short each year by $5-$6 billion of what is needed to sufficiently fund the need around the world.
  • As advocates we don’t accept the notion that there is no additional money available for AIDS – every year $1.7 trillion is spent on defense globally, surely we can afford to spend more on Global Health.
  • We support the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, TB and Malaria and call on all donors to ensure it is fully funded to carry on its important work.
  • Universal Access to antiretroviral treatment is the ultimate goal of AHF. Everyone from rich to poor should be able to access lifesaving medicines, including generic drugs, regardless of their economic standing.
  • Unfortunately, generics are often blocked by faulty trade agreements and intellectual property protections – like the ability to extend drug patents beyond their intended purposes (evergreening). These mechanisms allow drug companies to maintain a monopoly on lifesaving drugs, keeping prices high and limiting access for many people who need them.
  • Pharma greed and billions in profits should not come at the expense of human lives.
  • We strongly believe in the efficacy of treatment and the need to expand Test & Treat.
  • Millions of HIV positive people are still not aware of their status. There can be no treatment without testing – the rapid testing model is a way to deliver testing services cost-effectively, quickly, and in places convenient for the public.
  • Treatment saves lives and consistent adherence to ART makes people 96% less likely to transmit the virus.
  • Pediatric treatment is in crisis – funding, research and advocacy are needed to modernize it.
  • HIV prevention, including large-scale promotion and distribution of condoms must be revitalized and fully funded around the world. All barriers to prevention must be removed.

I support the Call to Action on Global Public Health

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